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Master your Mind 

Maximise your Potential

´Knowing others is intelligence. 

  Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

  Mastering others is strength. 
  Mastering yourself is true power´

Today we live in a world that is one of Pressure, Always on, Information Overload and Distraction. We call it the PAID Reality.


Learning to manage our minds so we can better focus, prioritise and succeed is the proven way to accelerate performance and well being for individuals, teams and whole organisations. 

We provide a portfolio of proven interventions to support your organisation on the path to a happier, healthier workforce. 


Discover the Power of Focus

Winning in the Digital Age

We have entered the Attention Economy. There are constant distractions and overwhelming amounts of information and choices available to us. A strong and clear focus is becoming the most valuable resource in today’s business. Research shows that 47% of the time we are mentally off-task. This leads to unproductive multitasking and addiction to action.

GOOD NEWS: Despite this rise in distractions the mind can be trained to manage and increase its attention. Maintaining a consistent and clear focus is essential in business today. Managing attention is the core of all our Corporate Based Mindfulness Training. 

Research shows that on average we are distracted, or off task, almost 47% of the time.

Experiential Workshops that Work

Our training solutions are developed together with some of the world’s leading companies, neuroscience researchers and masters of mindfulness.


Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) have delivered proven results in organisations such as Accenture, EY, Microsoft and many others.  


CBMT enhances performance at an individual and organizational level to deliver measurable increases in performance  creativity and well being.


If you would like to know more ,....

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In Ireland we have a strong team with diverse experience and facilitation styles to ensure our programmes resonate and engage with your audience. 


With over 220 trainers across 29 countries Potential Project is a global leader in mind based training for individual and team development for many of the world´s leading companies.